Wearable devices for distal arm functionality rehabilitation.

What makes PURAK special


The unique feedback system allows user to gets a feel of how hard the object is being held.


Myo mechanical control system provides the user to control PURAK intuitively.


 Adaptive grasping

Intuitive Control

Light Weight

Multi Functional

Variable gripping force

Grip force feedback

Grip Types

Cylindrical Grip

Cylindrical Grip

Thumb opposed, fingers and thumb close and flex around the object, which is stabilized against the palm of the hand.

Spherical Grip

Spherical Grip

Thumb is opposed, fingers and thumb close and adapt to the shape of the object with either 3,4 or 5 fingers based on the size of the object.

Tripod Grip

Tripod Grip

Thumb is opposed, the hand closes into Tripod Grip with index and middle fingers meeting the thumb. This grip allows you to hold small object.

Lateral Grip

Lateral Pinch

Thumb is non-opposed, fingers close and grip the objects between the thumb and the radial side of the index finger.

Open Palm

Open Palm

Thumb is non-opposed, fingers fully open, for carrying flat objects like plates, tray, etc.

Thumb Positions

Thumb Positions

Purak allows you to change the position of the thumb in 4 Configurations,
1. Opposed
2. Half opposed
3. Half non-opposed
4. Non-opposed


Opposed Thumb position


Non-opposed Thumb Position

Wrist Rotation

Wrist rotation is enabled in your purak by either tapping the residual rotary movement of the stump or manually. Wrist rotation allows you to perform your activities of daily life efficiently.

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